The Pickle Story

For this assignment I wanted to tell one of those stories that kids tell around a camp fire, or at a sleepover. This is the one and only creepy story that I know, so I thought it would be a good story for this assignment “also I wanted to draw a dog in a pickle jar”. This story is based on a true event from the early 2000. The true story was, that a woman from the south had diabetes. during the night her dog chewed off one of her toe’s because the tissue had died, much like with frost bite. The dog had probably just assumed it was a strange edible meat treat lie a steak bone. Proving that when you die your pets will eat you. My dad told me about the story, and I embellished it to gross out my friends. What I wanted to accomplish with this project? I wanted to get the same kinda mischievous feeling, that I would get when I was a kid at sleepovers telling these kinds of stories.

I found being the voice for this project pretty interesting. I had to record over, and over to get the right kind of mode for the story; and to get a take where i didn’t mess up. I, myself think I did a good job. Though I didn’t realize tell listening to the recording how much I sounded like a kid.

Finding all of the sound affects from the student library was a lot of fun too. there were hundreds of sounds to go throw,  I know I spent most of my time listening to, a good majority of them, trying to find the right sounds. hopefully the sound affects added a bit of humor to the story and didn’t sound strange, or distract from it.

This project was a lot of fun and I enjoyed the grunt work of writing the story, doing the voice work, and finding the sound affects. I hope you guys liked my story too. tell next time MAC OUT!

pickle dog2

heres the whole pickle dog picture.


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