Ty’s Fun Audio Podcast

For this audio project, I wanted to create a podcast of some sort, but wasn’t sure of what to do.  I later decided to try to do a podcast where I reviewed a product, which was the new Prizm speakers, that was going to come out sometime later in the future.

I first saw and heard about it while I was browsing for new gadgets of 2016. CES, or the Consumer Electronics Show, had a posting about all of the neat and interesting products that were displayed for the 2016 show. A lot of the products were ones I wanted to do, but I knew I had to pick one. I came across the speakers not too far into their slideshow, and since I love music so much, I decided to look into it. After finding out more about it, I wanted to talk about it and let people know.

Since I don’t like speaking that much, I decided to get my brother to help me and provide an extra voice. I also think this makes this project easier to do and makes the podcast more entertaining. I wanted a more relaxed approach when doing this podcast, so we both had fun with it. Finding the sounds and music for this podcast was fun as well.

The hardest part was probably trying not to laugh so much and getting my brother to help me. The fan noise from my computer got in the way too in the background. I felt more comfortable doing it at home, rather than doing it here on campus. I’m not the one who enjoys speaking publicly.

Overall, I twas a fun project to work on, even if I am embarrassed to show it off.

-By Tyler Plummer