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P5 – Video Editing


This is basically a parody of a bizarre and specific subset of YouTube culture, where idiots in their 20’s make the same video every single day to scare children and get their money. It was fun. We were filming this at an empty church, running against the clock before the security alarm went off at 11:00. Very fun.

P5 Image Editing Video

This project was really fun to create because I enjoy editing videos to match music. My idea was pretty spontaneous given the amount of time we had, but I love animals and I had the perfect opportunity to record them because I had to feed my brothers lizard and fish when he was out of town. It was really relaxing to watch the fish swim around when editing. I tried matching my clips to the beat of the music as best as I could and also tried to play with color correction as that is something I haven’t done before.

By Anna Ballinger



This was my first ever attempt at editing video and I think I did pretty good! I was able to find royalty free music that fit the theme of the video and I honestly didn’t have too difficult of a time during the editing process. The hardest thing for me was figuring out how to export the media when I was all finished. Otherwise this experience was wonderful: I got to dedicate some time to my pet, who deserves more attention than I can give him sometimes, I was able to accomplish what I set out to do which really makes me feel positive about the outcome of this video and I genuinely had more fun than I expected while doing the editing and exploration of Adobe Premier Pro.

by: Cole Brown