Image Editing

I had fun making this video. In my head I wanted to take an SNL style approach and take a jab at the men’s fitness area. Even though I am a big fitness guy playing sports my whole life and have always noticed how copy paste and overly intense ads for fitness products are. What is the biggest feature of them all? Of course the deep voice in the background is always trying to make his sale! Overall I had fun trying out Premiere. Using Final cut pro multiple times I thought  the skills would transfer over. I was not able to find how to get to key frames landing on the page but accidentally clicking out never to be seen again. I purposely made shaking shots and unfocused scenes to make the ‘‘commercial’’ feel fake, I have never believed the as seen on TV people they never looked like they truly knew how to do the work out or that they received those abs from whatever product they were selling. I aimed for a satire SNL style commercial highlighting how the product advertised either 1. Does not make sense or would conveniently benefit someone during a workout, or 2. A product that promises you results that are impossible to achieve with just that product.