The Monster Within

Its been such a long time since I used Premiere Pro. I started this project and finished within 24 hrs. I was so stumped on what to film. I love storytelling through cinematography, but I’ve never actually been good at writing or thinking of stories. Though I’m proud of myself for completing this assignment in 24 hours, there are so many things I would have done differently. (Spoilers Ahead) I don’t like the placement of the second to last shot in my film. I think its a nice shot, but it doesn’t set up/support the last shot. The beginning shot is too shaky and angled funky. I wish I had taken a few more shots of it to have backups. During the editing process, I realized I lost a lot of footage and/or it wasn’t organized. If I were to do this differently I would have spent more time planning in pre-production. Overall, this was such a fun project. I hope you all enjoy!

By: Taylor Powelson

2 thoughts on “The Monster Within

  1. Sydney hammer-powell

    Very engaging with a funny plotwist! the music was very suspenseful and drew me in, besides the ending this could be a trailer for an actual film! well done

  2. Cole Brown

    Taylor, this was so funny. I was so frustrated that it took two minutes to get to the monster, but the payoff was so amazing. I cracked up at Winston the Goats appearance and his lip licking. I would have liked to see some shots that hinted more at what scary thing could have been lurking. I really didn’t know where the video was going, which actually did benefit the outcome, but it was missing a little bit of continuity between setting and story. Overall, I think the video was very entertaining and I was cracking up! Thanks for the laugh!

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