Where’s it at?

Equipment Checkout


Pictured here is equipment check out in building 18. Here you can check out media arts equipment such as cameras, audio equipment, and videography equipment to help you with completing your assignments. It’s also a great opportunity to experiment and test out equipment to see if you like it before you go out and purchase it yourself.

Blue Cyc Wall


The blue cyc wall is located in the room directly to the left of equipment check out. Personally, I’ve never used this room and this was my first time actually being inside the room. The wall is a back drop used for lighting and videography.

Center for Student Engagement


The Center for Student Engagement is located on the second floor of the center building right above the cafeteria and directly across the hall from the library. While I was trying to find the room, I asked a girl if she could show me where it was, and she told me that the digital photography teacher, Jon Meyers, was using the photos that I modeled for as classroom examples, which honestly made my day.

Main Art Gallery


The main art gallery is located in building 11 on the first floor. It regular cycles through students art pieces. It’s a really cool place to check out if you’re ever bored on campus and want to kill some time.



This contraption is located right in front of the main art gallery next to the help desk in building 11. To be quite honest with you, I actually have no idea what it does or if it even works, but there’s only one way to find out.

Reference Counter


The reference desk is located on the second floor of center building in the library.

Health & Wellness Sculpture


Located to the left of the bus stops, this large silver sculpture stands in front of Health & Wellness building. I had a hard time taking pictures of this one because it was raining so I had to keep wiping the water off of my lens to get a clear picture.

Mary Jo Kreindel’s Office


Mary Jo Kreindel’s office is located immediately to the right of the Art-O-Mat in building 11. It was a little tricky trying to find her office because her name wasn’t on the door (or at least I hadn’t noticed one) so I had to ask a person at the help desk.

Media Creation Lab


The Media Creation Lab is located one second floor of center building on the other side of the library closest to the cafe. I personally had no idea this lab existed and I’m pretty excited that this was on scavenger hunt because it just gives me another place to do schoolwork when the lab in building 18 is full.

Judy Gate’s Office-building 11


Judy’s office is located in building 11 right next to the main art gallery. I met with her 2 weeks ago and she’s a really nice and helpful lady. If you ever need academic help you can always go to her.

Mel’s Office-building 18


Mel’s office is around the corner from the equipment check out desk and is the first door on the left. If you need help with work or need to talk to her about something you can go there. She also has some cool stuff on her window sill…just remember that you look with your eyes and not your hands.

Students First Building


The students first building aka building 1, is where you can talk to somebody about your enrollment, financial aid, and counseling.

I’m not a turkey…YOU’RE A TURKEY!


Although I’ve been attending lane for 2 years now, I still find it funny that there are turkeys on campus, and I know you’re not supposed to…but I feed the turkeys all the time. My goal is to feed them enough so that they will one day recognize me and walk around campus with me. I haven’t been successful yet though.