A Guide to Media Arts

There are many places around Lane that can help a Media Arts student, and I only knew few before the Scavenger Hunt. But now I can say I know where these locations are and how to get to each without trouble or misdirection.

The first location I went to was the Equipment Checkout. I walked to Building 18 with a friend, and the first thing my eyes saw when entering was the checkout. It was practically right across from the front door and had “EQUIPMENT CHECKOUT” up above the window where you check out things like DSLR cameras, microphones, lights and more.

Equipment Checkout: Building 18

The second location was one of the studios in the same building as location one. My friend and I walked into the first door on the left, which can be seen in the previous image. Inside was empty of people, but had tables, chairs and a large blue wall that had a curved “corner” connecting the side and the bottom.

Blue Cyc Wall Studio: Building 18

The third location was a room on the second level where students can go for advice in guidance, be it for extracurricular, joining a club or creating a new group. It’s a great resource for those who want to step out more and be more active. The easiest way to remember how to find it is that it’s next to the stairs that takes you down to the first level’s cafeteria. Make sure to stop by for some popcorn, because it’s delicious.

Center for Student Engagement: Center Building

Location four is the main art gallery in Building 11. As I had guessed, art was up on display for people to see. It was moderately easy to find because as soon as you walk in, you go forward to a big open area that tends to have art in it. While waiting for my turn to use the camera I saw someone I knew from my high school in Cottage Grove, and started talking. I also made sure to get some snacks that were out. at the time.

Main Art Gallery: Building 11

The Art-O-Mat was the fifth location. I honestly had no idea what it could be, never hearing of such a machine before, but I learned that it’s a machine that you buy art from for five dollars. It’s noticeable when you first walk into Building 11, because it’s a big, red machine in a hallway.

The Art-O-Mat: Building 11

Location six was the reference desk in the library, practically right middle of the two entrances. We had to ask for help to find the desk, and we got there just as soon as one person who was there switched out with another, who happens to be the person in the image below.

The Reference Counter in the Library: Center Building

Location seven was actually a location that I had forgotten about on the first day of taking pictures, so I brought my own camera and took a picture of this beautiful silver sculpture right outside the Health and Wellness Center.

The Silver Sculpture: Outside Building 30

The first door on the right when entering Building 11 is where location eight, Mary Jo Kreindel’s office, is. Mary is the Arts division Office Specialist at Lane.

Mary Jo Kreindel’s Office: Building 11

Location nine is once again in the library. It’s the Media Creation Lab. It can be easily found if you’re facing the Reference Desk, then look to the right. You’ll see semi-transparent glass close to the entrance and that’s where the lab is.

Media Creation Lab: Center Building

Judy Gates’s office, location ten, was fairly easy to find because she opened the door to let a student as soon as my friend and I were there. We instantly got our shots. It’s located down the hallway, left of the art gallery when entering from the front of Building 11.

Judy Gates’s Office: Building 11

The final office, Mel Stark’s, was location eleven in Building 18. my friend and I walked down the hallway that had the door to the studio with the blue cyc wall. We then turned right to go down another hallway and found Mel’s office rather easily due to t being the first. When getting there, we noticed another teacher in the office and she told us to blame her for the Scavenger Hunt idea, saying she suggested it four years ago.

Mel Stark’s Office: Building 18

Location twelve was Building 1. Its really well known features are the flags hanging from above, showing various countries. I was always one for seeing the Gay Pride Flag hanging from the second floor railing better, so I walked down the stairs from the second level to get a good angle, and when I got to the bottom, a peer asked where one of the locations was, which I was happy to share if it meant helping.

Gay Flag: Building 1

The final location wasn’t much of a location and was more of a thing. I went out to where a lot of wild turkeys tend to hang out with the prefect idea for a little joke at the end of this blog.

“Everyone knows how the Ugly Duckling was a swan, but did anyone know there was the Ugly Chicken that was a turkey?” the Turkey asks.

It’s really nice to know where these locations are in case I need them in my Media Arts future, which I probably will need. I look forward to getting to know these areas better.