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Image Editing

Set of 5 – Image Editing from Alexander Koester on Vimeo.

I decided to do my photo editing project on five shades of trees. I walked around my friend’s neighborhood and the neighborhood next to her’s to get the images. I decided I would take photos of green, yellow, orange, and red leaves. For my fifth shade I took photos of brown, finding trees that most of the leaves have fallen off. I gathered five to eight shots of each shade. All the photos were shot in RAW and I edited them in Lightroom. I created the video in Premiere Pro. I found the music on a royalty free site called

All and all I had a good time doing this project. I love having an excuse to use my camera and I enjoy using Premiere pro. I did not have much trouble doing this assignment. The hardest part was editing the photos in Lightroom. When I uploaded them on my computer I noticed some where out of focus do to aperture being off. I fixed the quality of photos the best I could in Lightroom before exporting. Putting the video together in Premiere pro was pretty simple after I figured out the duration I wanted of each photo. Then added the transitions, captions, and music. Wham Oh!

“Putting a Hat on Lincoln” | Derek Panter

For this project I had the hardest time deciding what exactly to do. Due to my work schedule, I was limited to doing this project late at night, so lighting and content was much more difficult at 11pm! After deciding to do the $5 Bill Fold idea, I began by setting up a well lit area in my house, learning to fold the bill this way, and then taking pictures of each step involved in the folding process. I had to practice a couple times before because some of the folds are more difficult than others, but once I got it I began taking photos of each step and the project started moving smoothly. I then added keyframing to each photo in premiere to give the video more movement and appeal to the viewer, along with some text on each step to help the viewer understand exactly what was done in each step. Finally, I added one of my unreleased tracks and called it a day! Overall, everything went relatively smooth, therefore I was happy with how the project turned out, and I dont think I wouldve done anything differently at this point! I hope you enjoy my project, Thanks for watching!

P5 Image Editing


This video feature five different stunts performed by Cody Jacobson and Rachel Padua of Oregon Cheer! I used both Premiere and Lightroom to make this video, as well as a T5i from checkout, a GoPro from checkout, and three cell phones to capture my content. My goal here was to emphasize the difficulty and sheer awesomeness of a good stunt. Some problems I encountered was definitely scheduling conflicts, it was difficult to find a time that everyone could meet up. Another issue was having so many different sources of content, I had two cameras running automatically and two other people helping me capture video, so not all of the clips are framed or zoomed to the same levels. One final problem I encountered was the still images I added were wider that the video frame and stretches the whole thing out. However despite all of this I am excited with how the video turned out! I added some upbeat rock music and took pictures of the banners around the practice field we were on and touched them up in Lightroom before putting them in the video! I organized the clips from easiest stunt to hardest, culminating in a stunt neither of my stars had hit before on there own! I decided to add clips of them cheering because they were genuinely excited to hit a stunt like that! The stunts are, in order: Toss Extension, Pump Lib, Cupie, Toss Cupie, and a Full Up.


By Tyler Nichols

P5 Video


My project is basically a fun short video titled “The Five Steps to Become a Big Balla”. Its a funny video showing my buddy doing some funny things like stupid layups and deep threes. The five steps are pretty corny and silly. The process was fairly easy to create. I just filmed my buddy messing around at the court. After I filmed him I uploaded the videos to imovie. After they were uploaded I added a song that was funny and corny. After that I tried to make the made shots in sync with the music and made things in slo-mo. This project I didn’t really have an idea so I just ran with this and I personally think it worked out well. After I made it the way I liked it I added captions relating to the topic of the video. I hope everyone enjoys this funny little video and I just hope I get one laugh at it. I learned that post production is most of the project. Filming is definitely the easier part of the video making process. All the work comes with the editing process. The whole project took me a hour and a half. That was most likely technologies fault, but once I figured it out and got into the work flow it was super easy.