P5 Image Editing


This video feature five different stunts performed by Cody Jacobson and Rachel Padua of Oregon Cheer! I used both Premiere and Lightroom to make this video, as well as a T5i from checkout, a GoPro from checkout, and three cell phones to capture my content. My goal here was to emphasize the difficulty and sheer awesomeness of a good stunt. Some problems I encountered was definitely scheduling conflicts, it was difficult to find a time that everyone could meet up. Another issue was having so many different sources of content, I had two cameras running automatically and two other people helping me capture video, so not all of the clips are framed or zoomed to the same levels. One final problem I encountered was the still images I added were wider that the video frame and stretches the whole thing out. However despite all of this I am excited with how the video turned out! I added some upbeat rock music and took pictures of the banners around the practice field we were on and touched them up in Lightroom before putting them in the video! I organized the clips from easiest stunt to hardest, culminating in a stunt neither of my stars had hit before on there own! I decided to add clips of them cheering because they were genuinely excited to hit a stunt like that! The stunts are, in order: Toss Extension, Pump Lib, Cupie, Toss Cupie, and a Full Up.


By Tyler Nichols

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