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My project is basically a fun short video titled “The Five Steps to Become a Big Balla”. Its a funny video showing my buddy doing some funny things like stupid layups and deep threes. The five steps are pretty corny and silly. The process was fairly easy to create. I just filmed my buddy messing around at the court. After I filmed him I uploaded the videos to imovie. After they were uploaded I added a song that was funny and corny. After that I tried to make the made shots in sync with the music and made things in slo-mo. This project I didn’t really have an idea so I just ran with this and I personally think it worked out well. After I made it the way I liked it I added captions relating to the topic of the video. I hope everyone enjoys this funny little video and I just hope I get one laugh at it. I learned that post production is most of the project. Filming is definitely the easier part of the video making process. All the work comes with the editing process. The whole project took me a hour and a half. That was most likely technologies fault, but once I figured it out and got into the work flow it was super easy.

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