“Putting a Hat on Lincoln” | Derek Panter

For this project I had the hardest time deciding what exactly to do. Due to my work schedule, I was limited to doing this project late at night, so lighting and content was much more difficult at 11pm! After deciding to do the $5 Bill Fold idea, I began by setting up a well lit area in my house, learning to fold the bill this way, and then taking pictures of each step involved in the folding process. I had to practice a couple times before because some of the folds are more difficult than others, but once I got it I began taking photos of each step and the project started moving smoothly. I then added keyframing to each photo in premiere to give the video more movement and appeal to the viewer, along with some text on each step to help the viewer understand exactly what was done in each step. Finally, I added one of my unreleased tracks and called it a day! Overall, everything went relatively smooth, therefore I was happy with how the project turned out, and I dont think I wouldve done anything differently at this point! I hope you enjoy my project, Thanks for watching!

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