TAdams P5 Image Editing

By: Tristan Adams

I did my best to include details of 5 of the same object in my frames, five tables, support beams, steps, cars, sections etc. , that I took photos of, and since this was more of a fancy slide show I wanted to make it an old style to it while adding effects to make it look like old slides. For the music I just wanted very calm record formatted music to keep the old style theme with all the audio. Of course I couldn’t show my entire route back to my home through the pictures but I did what I needed to to get the point across. Getting the image on the high way was just recording the whole drive and cropping the image as best as I could so I didn’t risk a crash. Other than that I didn’t actually go to sleep in the final image at five in the afternoon that was really the only way I could think of ending the video. It wasn’t a hard assignment through the work it was more difficult figuring out what I wanted since I still lack going outside in recent time.

Also while looking for the music I started out in free sound and just wanted to give this link because this is a really nice song and wanted to share it. https://freesound.org/s/414195/