P5 – MORENA in 5


Here are 5 of my favorite looks! Using my set up at home that I acquired through my husband’s apologies, I was able to shoot these under a lighting set up and a mirrorless camera. Drag is the biggest part of my life right now and I totally did not pick these because I already have them. Drag gave me friends and connections that opened up different possibilities not just in the performance aspect but also with my event photography, producing and hosting career.

I shot the videos using Canon R6 and two studio lights then edited the clips through Adobe Premiere where I used a couple of transitions and cropping. I am still learning how to color grade. For the blue look, I actually tried shooting that in C-log which apparently is the best way to shoot for color grading. And for the photos, most of them are just screenshots from the videos. i shot in 4K, did a couple of poses so I could pause and take a screenshot with little to zero motion blur. Then I used Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom to showcase the looks better and to make the necessary adjustments to make me look prettier because there are things you just can’t hide in 4K and I’m definitely not talking about my pores. If you are interested in drag feel free to check my instagram @themorenaqueen.