P5 Image Edit: Max Klug

This little guy was primarily done in Premiere. It took me a little bit to get everything just right, tweaking all what needed to be tweaked. Then, there it was. My beautiful list of the Top 5 weddings to ever occur. “Mwah,” I say, “Mwah!” One of the idea eggs that lay incubating in my brain cracked during one of my morning shifts as a janitor. I stopped everything I was doing, shot my index finger straight up in the air, and went, “Eureka! It’s perfect! The top 5 weddings!” My boss, however, was furious. “What’s going on with the THIRD toilet in the SECOND women’s bathroom?! Didn’t I ask you to clean it? What’s all this ‘eureka’ gobbledygook?! Shut up, ah? Jeez, you got the personality of a dead moth.” My boss is actually the infamous American comedian and actor Don Rickles, hence the particularly harsh demeanor (I didn’t take it too personally.) I aimed for this project, along with my last project, along with just about everything else I’ve worked on, to be at least somewhat surreal. Honestly, I love toying with people’s heads. I’m typically uninterested in things that are predictable. If there’s anyone out there who watched this video that knew exactly what was going to happen as it happened, let’s be friends for the rest of our lives.

By: Max Klug