P5 (The 5 Senses) Alex Seydel

I spent a really long time trying to figure out what I should do for a project around the concept of “5”. Ideas of 5 different objects to what 5 o’clock means to people, my brain felt scattered for ideas. Ended up trying to capture the 5 senses in photographic form. I had a surprising amount of fun creating these photographs. Each photo was it’s own “adventure” to take and edit, but with that being said there was defiantly some that turned out better than others. Sight and Taste were my favorite to take. I checked out a 60mm macro lens and messed around to see how I could portray those senses. The eye was a self portrait that took several attempts to get and strawberry was me trying to capture as much texture as possible. Touch and Sound were honestly really difficult to think of for me. The goal of each was similar to taste and was to capture a lot of detail with the subject. Then lastly, smell was the photo I was least proud of. The idea behind it was the “smell of flowers” but I also wanted to keep on the theme of partial black and white. So while I really liked the composition of the photo, I’d probably edit it differently.