P5-Mason Perkins

I had fun making P5, I wanna do more with it but that’s for later. I’d like to, expanding on the theme of five, make 4 more images, one without the giant, one with it forming, the one that’s made, one with the city mid explosion after the star is taken, and the city destroyed. Then I could edit them together in sequence and the video could be longer and not rely so heavily on premiere editing for visual storytelling. With that being said I like what I came up with my limitations withstanding. I researched and found out Danse Mascarabe Is copyright free in the US, It’s one of my favorite orchestral performances and I’m glad I could use it. It was fun getting out of my comfort zone for this project because I don’t paint things in color often, I need to practice that more, but doing it for this I can see I have a ways to go for color painting, with more time it would be more refined but more paintings in general will help me find a comfortability with playing with color and light in paintings.


The painting is composed of five colors, yellow, blue, purple, and orange. The painting is of a constellation giant coming to loom over a golden city in a dark desert and taking a star from the sky, leading to the city to be destroyed. Stars are five pointed shapes in their generic symbol form but I chose to not draw any five pointed stars so that choice wouldn’t be so obvious.