I’m Annie, and I’ll See Myself Out…

I think The Grinch said it best when he said, “So they wanna get to know me, huh? They want to spend a little quality time with tHe gRiNcH!”

My name’s Annie Perkins. Before you go off, yes, I have seen “Parks and Rec,” and yes, I know one of the main characters has a similar name. I got into media arts as a young kid. I’m sure some of you can relate with the rise of YouTube, Vine, and TikTok. I remember watching my favorite creators like SMOSH and Shane Dawson before I grew up and realized how terrible they are. Anyway, I wanted to be a Youtuber for years when I was a kid, and now I’d just really like to go into video editing, graphic/logo design, and directing. I’m sure my old Youtube videos are still up somewhere, rotting away in the 2010s ether.

I don’t have free time but once every century the Gods allow me to roam free of my shackles that are my adult responsibilities. When this happens, I usually spend it with my dog, Balor. He’s a corgi, french bulldog mix, and he is extremely needy. I will take him to the dog park, he will pee on everything in sight. Sometimes I channel my internal turmoil into needle felting adorable fuzzy animals.

I have a small business where I do a lot of media work like animation and logo design. I also sell all my super politically charged designs on my RedBubble/Instagram account at “The Petty Leftist”. They aren’t for everyone, but I think they’re fun to make, and printer ink ain’t cheap. I think there’s definitely something for everyone on there regardless of your politics so long as you don’t get too offended by the ones you don’t care for.

That said, I would love to go into political campaigning and use my media talent to help bring about the change I want to see in our society and government, but I’d also like a life at some point so maybe that’s not a good idea. Not sure yet. I definitely want to work with social media, film, animation and anything else I can before my time on this lousy planet has come to a dismal end. I mean I’m working in the food industry right now. I could really use a job that provides healthcare.

By: Annie Perkins