P1 about me

Hi, my name is Nicole. It is my first year in college, l also just learned how to ride the bus at the end of summer. I didn’t get into all of the classes that i wanted. i was planning on getting intro to drawing, into to media arts, intro to animation, and design tools. but i only got in to two classes, media arts and animation.

for my major i am studying animation to become an animator. my favorite type of animation is 2D. I like 2D animation because its very easy to find videos on the internet to learn about animation. I can make fully fledged animatics but still trying to find the time to actually animate.

for animating i like to use procreate to draw out the frames in animatic form. then i like to export it into iMovie. sewing the frames together and placing for how many seconds the frame needs to stay on screen. i usually have three seconds for things like dialogue, two seconds if i feel it needs to be shorter. One second for fast movements like a character quickly snatches an item from another character. After that i would import from video into rough animator but i just haven’t found the time.