P-4 Audio-Maria

This project took me a few days to start doing it. I did not know what topic to choose. First,  I wanted to create a Radio Advertisement. I practiced for a few days, but I do not have any experience doing it, and I forgot about that idea. Then I decided to read Aesop’s fables. My son likes me to read stories before bed, so I thought it was going to be easier. Also, I thought that it could be a good idea to include him in the audio and  have a good time together. I asked him, and he was super happy. With this project I wanted to create a family time environment, being relaxed, and having fun. My experience with this assignment was a little overwhelming at the beginning because it is not easy to start when you have many ideas in your head. Also, finding the audios, working with Audition, Soundcloud, etc. Everything requires hard work, nothing is easy. Even though  it was a little bit complicated at the beginning to make the audio, I happily can say that I enjoyed it a lot. I learned so much. I had the opportunity to practice my terrible pronunciation, and also I practiced more audio editing. This project left me with very good learning.   

By Maria