P4 Audio

I wanted to keep things simple as I’ve never recorded my own voice before. I wanted to try a neutral, whimsical music track, but it was difficult to find something fitting as there is a lot of free music content to look through. I went with something upbeat in the end since I find the story to be not be heavy.

I found most of my experience with this project was learning about new subjects I never delved too deeply in before as I kept the concept simple. Looking into copyright and learning audio tricks in Adobe Audition was a focus. I learned tricks such as reducing reverb in audio if you get too much of an echo in your recording. For my audio thumbnail image, I decided to draw it myself to sidestep any copyright worry.

There are things I still wish to learn, such as how to balance the sound effects, music, and voice volume. I defaulted to the voice being the focus and the music and sound effects being quieter.

-Jennifer Howard