P4 Audio-Bebe

In this project, it is very difficult to choose what topic I want to do. I was very struggling to choose between telling my own story or Aesop’s fables. I realized Aesop’s fables were very interesting, and I started to find some fables that I like and that I can make different in my own style. I decided to use “The Wolf and Goat”. However, I was very insecure about my voice. I have been using my phone to record my voice to tell the story. After I practiced over and over again, I kept challenging myself about what I can do better, I started to imitate my voice while in their conversation. I found out that roleing in is the best way you can tell a good story. Also, one of my strategies is to record your story in sections, because when you have sections of your story you can very easily edit in adobe audition or other software. And the most important is if one of your sections that you don’t like then you only need to re-recording that section instead of recording the whole story again. I do enjoy this project because when I tried to adopt my voice, I was very proud and satisfied. Especially when I put the background music and some sound effects together, it turned out good. I hope that everyone will enjoy my audio.

By Bebe