My goal with the project was to write a comedic radio advertisement based on an old joke my chess mentor would say back in high school. He stated that he wished he could zap us through our phones every time we didn’t make the best move in our games. Taking this idea, I thought it would be funny to create an advertisement that satisfies this want using lots of chess jargon to appeal to the target audience. The overuse of jargon is very intentional as it is not an ad for general audiences and meant to appeal to a very specific audience of people.

When putting the project together, I had to record the audio on my phone and then send it to my computer where I edited it using audacity. Firstly the audio had to be mastered by cutting all of the bad takes and removing spaces in between the ones I kept in order to keep the narrative flowing, reserving pauses for comedic effect. As far as the music goes, it took a while to browse through sites with free music until I found one I was satisfied with. Lastly I had to draw the image using adobe animate of the man getting zapped by his phone showing the use of the product.