Oregon Memories: Mt.Pisgah

This particular video is a bit different from what I had initially pitched. It was meant to feature multiple people with multiple locations; an ambitious undertaking considering the amount time I had to work with. Oregon Memories is a video series I thought of about a year ago. Each video would feature a person familiar with the outdoors of Oregon and talk about what makes a specific area a special place for them. Oregon Memories: Mt. Pisgah could be considered a pilot episode in that regard. In this one, I visit Mt. Pisgah with my girlfriend, Emmareighn. She speaks on the times she’s experienced and the emotions she associates with the area, both good and bittersweet.

1 thought on “Oregon Memories: Mt.Pisgah

  1. Timothy Patton

    Wow! I feel like I’m watching a professional documentary. I’m so impressed with these transitions and camera angles. I actually watched it twice.
    It gets a chef’s kiss from me.

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