For this assignment, I took videos of moments I shared with my best friend Paige on our journey of experiencing a Covid-19 Quarantine. I remember Professor Hughes going through the syllabus in class the day after we got to the beach and reviewed all the projects we would have to complete this term. As she was talking about this one, it hit me that I had already begun working on mine because we had started filming a day before. I have always wanted to create a video project on capturing experiences and memories with my friends, and Paige and  I have always taken clips on all of our adventures in hopes to somehow find the motivation to start a vlog, however we never ended up getting to compiling all of them and making it a masterpiece. I used this as motivation to help complete  this assignment as well as to finally finish a project that captures crazy memories of our friendship. 

For this project, I had the vision of compiling videos of our true selves. What you experience during my film is who we really are, which is something I usually don’t see on the big social media platforms. Big influences worry about the content and their media persona, which alters their egos and personalities on camera to someone they are not. That is why this project touches a very personal goal I have been putting a lot of self work into to accomplish. Being content with my true self and knowing that I am enough. With Covid and everything going on in our world, I find it difficult to cope with the anxiety and stressors that come with it. Having a visual of recorded memories of experiencing life, good or bad, helps me awklodge how important it  is to be grateful for each and every experience. Even if it is a Covid-19 quarantine, we still made the best of every second. I hope you enjoy it!