Breakfast Routine

A bad parody of make-up tutorials on YouTube.

With this project, I really wanted to make people smile. The ultimate goal was to create something that could distract others from whatever negativity is surrounding them, if any, or to simply make you laugh because it’s funny. I wanted to emulate a “typical make-up tutorial” that you might find on YouTube. In the video, you can clearly see the person behind myself acting as “The Arms.” This was as intentional as it gets. I wanted the parody to be obvious, but not overbearing, so I told a story to keep the attention of my audience’s ears, and the silliness of the arms and (mostly) bad make-up to keep their eyes focused on the video. I’ve had my make-up done a lot as a dancer, so this wasn’t out of my realm by any means. The way the make-up was applied from someone who couldn’t really see me well made it extra funny and I didn’t get poked in the eye too many times. The lighting and general set-up for the video was pretty difficult. I don’t have an actual stand for my phone, which is what the video was recorded on, so that made it difficult to get a decent angle. The final cut was actually taken from just one take, because the angle changed too drastically in other takes and I didn’t want that lack of continuity in the video. During the editing process, which was actually very fun, I found so many useful tools in Premiere Pro. This was only my second attempt at editing video on my own, and I think it went much better than the first time. What I am most proud of in regards to this video is not the editing or animations or anything that came from post production. It was that I remembered to take the video with my phone turned on it’s side. I am also proud of the editing I did, because even if no one else does, I think it’s funny and clever and really reaches the outcome I was looking for in this project.

Cast & Crew
Creator, Director, Editor, Face-Cole Brown
Make-up Artist, Arms, Emotional Support-Maya Auld
Music from Epidemic Sounds
Graphic elements and SFX from Premiere Pro’s Free content.

By: Cole Brown

2 thoughts on “Breakfast Routine

  1. Timothy Patton

    So funny! I love the post production text that popped up every once in a while—it’s my favorite type of humor to see on YouTube. The hands were their own character too! That final wave at the end sent my brain into a fit… I was not expecting that.

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