The Owl and The Grasshopper

For this project, I found a fable on called “The Owl and the Grasshopper” by Aesop. The sounds I used within this story were found from,, and Incompetech. Finding the audio was the best part about this project. I found myself scrolling and listening to many different versions of one sound. The hardest part about this project was trying to export the audio, converting file types, and uploading the final piece. 

Within this project are many mistakes I wish I could fix. However, from each mistake I learned how to improve my technique. There is one in particular that is still very noticeable. Halfway through, right after I say “oak” the audio sounds like it got cut off. I didn’t catch this until I was completely finished with the project. In order to fix this I would have had to redo a part of my dialogue and backtrack a lot. For a mistake that small and the amount of time I would need to fix it, I decided to let it slide.

Overall, this was an amazing experience. It makes me want to continue doing this type of work. I think it would be fun to read stories and make them come to life with music and sound effects. 

By: Taylor Powelson

Music by:

Pride by Kevin MacLeod



Picture by:

“Owl” by Farid Fleifel is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

3 thoughts on “The Owl and The Grasshopper

  1. Sydney Hammer-Powell

    Your voice worked great with the story, and I enjoyed the background effects. Not to much and not too little! well done

  2. Jessica Duff

    Great job with this story. I did not notice that part you mentioned. I would probably have to keep replaying that part over to notice it. I am not sure if it was my headset, but sometimes the sounds were a bit louder or equal to your voice in a few spots. But I enjoyed the way they added to the story making me feel like it was something that was actually happening. I could visual the jumping and the crunching and it made me smile.

  3. Anna Ballinger

    I really enjoyed your background sound effects, especially the owl! It sounds really natural with the forest sounds playing in the back. Good job!

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