Coulrophobia PSA

With this post what I was attempting to do was recreate the modern classic PSA feel and apply it to a topic that was authentic, fresh (a topic that would likely be new information for most people listening), and that kept the feel light hearted/satirical. I began by listening to a variety of public service announcements spanning the past 40 years. Although I had a sound in mind, it helped me to take note of the type of vocal patterns and dynamics that were used.

I used Garage band as my audio program for recording the project and went and purchased a Blue Yeti USB condenser mic to give the vocal track a better sound. I then spent a couple of days online checking various sources for for free source audio samples to use for both the main audio tracks and then the sound effects tracks. Once I selected the samples, most of which I downloaded from, I imported them into Garageband, laid out the tracks, and roughed the samples into place. The entire project is comprised of 17 different samples and loops and two vocal tracks.

I then went online and researched my topic. Using the information I collected I developed a script and then on paper mapped out the samples along with the dialogue. This made it a lot easier to stay organized once I started working in Garageband again and gave me a good direction for when I began the recording of the vocal tracks. The way it worked best for me was to record the voice parts and then build the rest of the project around the words. It took a bit of time and I had to do a lot of altering to the samples in order to get the results I wanted, but in the end, I am pretty happy with the finished product. Enjoy!

By: Matthew Garner

6 thoughts on “Coulrophobia PSA

  1. John Adair

    Oh jeez, this really triggered some feelings in me @_@
    Very well produced and great vocal recording. The audio effects are on point too! It was so well done that I don’t wanna listen again, haha. I honestly can’t think of any criticisms to give for this, you seem to know exactly what you’re doing.

  2. Keyan Carlile

    You did a good job making this piece informative and amusing. It seemed very professional in the balancing of the audio levels. I liked the honk in place of the curse word. Good work.

  3. Timothy Patton

    Great PSA on this! It’s a real shame that there is a legitimate fear of something that supposed to give joy and laughter. There was that Clown Panic in 2016 where people dressed up trying to scare people, but I know Coulrophobia has been around long before that, and took advantage of it. It’s a strange consideration, but there is a small chance that I’d make a great professional clown. And if I do, I will be careful not to follow the hysterical stereotype of makeup-wearing, screaming jester. That might be best, staying as a thing of the past.

  4. Hannah

    This audio project really stood out to me. I really likes the PSA format and how it was edited seemingly professionally. The sound effects gave me chills, which I assume is what you were going for, and it actually brought something to light that I previously hadn’t thought of before! Great job.

  5. Anna Ballinger

    This was a well done PSA about coulrophobia that got the point well across that clowns are somewhat creepy by adding in those weird sound effects, though you also managed to joke around with it near the end with word play and more sound effects which I thought was well done!

  6. Tyler Murphy

    This really did hit on the PSA. It also brought out my fear in clowns again haha. Way to blend so many sounds so fluidly. Great Work!

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