P4 Audio æsop’s fable “Belling The Cat”

My experience creating this audio assignment was a huge learning experience. I will be able to play with GarageBand, Audacity and even Soundcloud in ways I never knew possible. Al though this audio screams “first audio assignment!” I had so much fun! The vocals include my daughter, Lily Nguyen. She is 11 and speaks on the single track made by the young mouse. I think it’s pretty easy to tell that I created the rest of it in my own “mom” narrator voice. I got the image and story from the library of congress here: http://read.gov/aesop/003.html . What I was trying to accomplish was something that had to do with my cat AND wasn’t boring to others. The background music is from the free music included with Garageband. The cat sounds are recorded from my cat “Danny.” Any other sounds such as the scratching and scurrying mice is just made with my hand on the desk and on the nail file. I hope I didn’t hurt your ears!

By Jenel Chandler

One thought on “P4 Audio æsop’s fable “Belling The Cat”

  1. Jessica Duff

    Jenel, I love your story! The sounds were great in your story and added a lot to imagery I had in my head. There were a few times it sounds like your voice might have been a different distance from the mic but I enjoyed the variation. You tell stories so well with your inflections and pacing. I know my mom and I want to keep recording stories. It seems like a fun memory making time with your daughter.

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