An Excerpt from ‘LIMBs’, Adapted for Listening

Alright, here it is. The first piece of audio I have ever made. I was, am, completely intimidated. I suppose what I was trying to create was an excerpt from one of my favorite short stories. I wanted to capture the interpersonal intimacy that old age must thrust upon us, whether we like it or not.

I imagined the protagonist living in a group home that is rather well off. Given that she has been fitted with state of the art bionic limbs. So, I picture her out on the grounds trying out her new accessories. I have imagined what her home looks like many times and I picture a (mostly) country setting. I added the birds and if you listen carefully the bees, subtle as to not buzz your ears.

When I chose the bird sounds, I actually used 3 different tracks. I wanted to add variety as well as give the perception that the birds were both near and far.

Additionally, I added the bionic legs that Pip is happily walking about on.

Creating this soundscape was a lot of fun. I enjoyed that much more than reading the piece. I had to do so many edits on my voice, and I am happy to have learned so much, but my asthma was not kind.

As I was creating this piece I was miserably dragging along. It’s always like that when learning and producing something new on a time-line. Towards the end, I started to get the hang of it and my creativity grew. I am really happy to have had the experience. Overall, I am thrilled with how it turned out!

4 thoughts on “An Excerpt from ‘LIMBs’, Adapted for Listening

  1. Taylor Powelson

    I can’t believe this is your first audio project! It is so good! Your voice is so soothing and calm.

  2. Jessica Duff

    The piece you chose is such a good story. I appreciated how you did keep your voice soft and it pulled us into the setting and her thoughts in a beautiful way. The sounds and pacing kept me immersed and carried my imagination to her experience and brief glimpse of memories. I think the author would love to hear your version. I think you have a great voice for audible stories. It made me want to keep listening and to “hear” the story. Sort of how a good cinematographer makes us forget that we are watching a movie and not actually there inside the movie.

  3. Hannah

    I really love the way that you read this story. Your very calm tone made it very relaxing, yet enchanting to listen to, making the delivery of it amazing. The end was so very emotional and it was enhanced a lot by the way you read it. The sound effects that you added did a great job to supplement the story but not distract, and it really felt like I was immersed in the audio!

  4. Anna Ballinger

    The birds sound really nice and are not over bearing! I really enjoyed the story and your audio is really clear.

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