The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse

For this project, I chose to recite one of Aesop’s fables and make the listener feel as though they were in the story. To do this I created an outline of what sounds and music I wanted to incroopate into the piece to give the listeners something to create a mental image of the story in their heads. I added sound effects for the physical activities they were doing, sounds of background characters within the story, as well as added background music to fit the appropriate emotion that mice were feeling. The most challenging part of this project was finding a good microphone to record the story with that made it sound smooth and professional. With the resources I had, I did the best I could to create this piece. 

Overall, my experience creating this audio story was a fun, yet frustrating time. It took time to find just the right audio I wanted to use for the edit, and I often found myself listening to a section over and ove unsure if it was the right fit. It was difficult to find background music that fit the storyboard too. In the end, I am proud of what I created for being new to the editing tools.