I’ve always found amusing the Middle School & High School phenomenon of snack distribution during class, especially with gum. Everyone seemed to have the assumption that just because they sat near a peer who brought chewables, it meant that they had privileges to partake in such snackage. And if you refused to share, well, you’re a jerk for it. At the end of the day, nobody really cares what you do with your food, but what if they did care? And what if they cared a little too much? I decided to go a mile with it! Chase scenes, sneaky scenes, awkward conversations, ominous lady voices in the intercom, and scrumptious chip-chewing foley sound effects make it all come together, and it’s simply beautiful!

Motivation for this audio project accelerated when I caught the idea of syncing it to chase music, and luckily for me, I already dodged the copyright issue, by pulling out a royalty free song I purchased years ago for potential future use. It fits absolutely perfectly! I got my entire household family to contribute a part or two, and as corny as it sounds, it was a very nice bonding experience, especially since I got to slap my Dad’s character!

7 thoughts on “Fuud

  1. Keyan Carlile

    Timothy, I have returned to listen to your ASMR project an incredible many times. This is an emotional journey unlike any other. I’ve never been more invested in any storyline. Thank you for sacrificing your life to create this. My favorite part is when the woman over the intercom announces that you have food. Truly incredible.

  2. Sydney hammer-powell

    The effects and different voice styles were amazing in this story great job. I thought some of the voices were a little unbalanced but all around well done!

  3. Sarah Stuart

    Wow, I really am blown away by this. You took a simple and relatable topic and made it fun and interesting. You’re very creative! As everyone has said “iconic!” Nicely done!
    It must have been so fun to get the whole family involved too.
    I think you’re going places Tim and that’s exciting!
    I am really looking forward to more content you’ll produce in this class.

  4. Taylor Powelson

    Such a fun listen! This felt like a scene out of Invader Zim. Did you also create the thumbnail?

  5. Cole Brown

    Tim, this was so creative and I really enjoyed the thrilling music! So lucky you had that song from years ago. Definitely true about it fitting perfectly with the narrative. The story you made was such a fantastic exaggeration of childhood memories that made me laugh and gasp throughout. Well done.

  6. Tyler Murphy

    I love your take on snacks you really were able to capitalized on that anxiety. I love the teachers voices feels very 2000s Cartoon Network.

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