Audio- Scary Story

I always find myself listening to short horror stories on youtube when I am just hanging out or cleaning around the house. It’s always nice to have something to listen to, and I prefer something like a scary story to keep me on edge and keep me interested in the plot. Channels, like Let’s Read, inspired me to read my own horror story. I wanted to accomplish what these youtube channels do, just read a story with some subtle creepy background music. I wanted to incorporate a good amount of sound effects that would enhance the story being told. Ultimately I had fun with this project but next time I would try to get somebody else to help me tell the story instead of trying to change my voice using the audio editing software. When I changed my voice for some parts of the story, I didn’t particularly like how it sounded. I enjoyed adding sound effects to keep the story intriguing. I hoped the window scratching wasn’t unbearable to listen to so I made sure to turn that volume down by a lot, I hope it’s creepy but still tolerable. Overall, I hope you enjoyed my story if you listened, and I hope I accomplished creeping you out a little.

By: Anna Ballinger

2 thoughts on “Audio- Scary Story

  1. Sarah Stuart

    Guuuurl, This spooked me! You have such a great voice for this. It really reminds me of a No Sleep episode. You did a great job with the added audio effects. I would to more of this. Can we get a chapter two? Nicely done! Looking forward to more of your work in this class!

  2. Cole Brown

    Anna this was so great. I love a good scary story and this one was well crafted. As much as I loved the story, I had a blast finding all of the sound effects you put in. Once I put my headphones on I immediately felt immersed in the story all over again. Well done, Anna.

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