F20-P5 Dolphins and a Surprise in Costa Rica

So, this is the story of my adventure swimming with the dolphins in Costa Rica when it was still legal to swim with them there in the wild. I decided to take an adventure by myself and it has been my favorite trip in my lifetime. Being a Travel Agent for many, many years I have been to many places and I still remember this trip like it was yesterday. The adventure began with an adventure. I hope you can follow along as if you were in my shoes. From Boston to Drake Bay was the first part of the adventure. I had to overnight in San Jose then off in a cessna for about 30 min, to a van through the banana fields down to the river. Then down the river for 1 1/2 hours to the ocean where we travel to Drake Bay, my home for the next 10 days. The next morning began the next adventure with a wonderful surprise at the end! There were many days we swam with the dolphins, but this was a once in a lifetime experience!

You should believe everything you hear about the dolphins they are the most magical, playful, inquisitive, and charming animals that you can ever interact with. I was so close to them while swimming, that I could reach out and touch them and they were not bothered in the least by my presence. This is only one story of my adventures swimming with the dolphins.I hope that everyone has the chance to go swim with them, you will not be disappointed! ?

This whole process was harder than I thought. There are things that I like and other things that I was really annoyed with. I had my story in mind. I had previously taken the Visual Literary class where I had already had a storyboard all laid out. I enjoyed looking for footage to match my experience. When trying to put this together I got the sequence but it was very long. It took a while to cut out stuff to keep this under 3min. I pieced together pictures with videos from my personal archives as well as some videos from the lodge Delfina Amore, and some free stock footage.

For the technical. I had a few issues I’m not sure if it’s just my computer, but Adobe kept locking up and then crashing. It was very frustrating and time-consuming. This was especially difficult when trying to narrate it. At times the program would not record then it would, again frustrating. I just took it out. I was also confused on how to get everything all the same size. With practice… it will come. I wish that there were more in-person instructions on how to do these.