For this final project, I thought it would be nice to do a simple, feel good short film. I wanted to be able to tell a story and teach a lesson all while avoiding dialogue. In its earliest form, the video was intended to be quite a bit longer, with a sort of running narrative of the main character seeming troubled, before deciding to go for a walk, and finding that his worries melt away as he experiences the world around him. The story would have climaxed with the character winding up at a house, and going to knock, before hesitating, and ultimately walking away. This version of the video never came to fruition, however, due to help constraints, time constraints, and a myriad of technological difficulties. On the last note in particular, I feel that the saying, “When it rains, it pours,” is especially accurate. The final product had to be edited in iMovie, as the Premier software would not properly export the files. Despite it all, however, I believe that I accomplished what I set out to do, alibet, on a far smaller scale. The video ends with the main character sneaking his way through the foliage of the dormant rose bushes to finish his walk, a shot that I feel sums up the video nicely, and helps make the viewer more receptive to the title shown at the end of the video: The Joy Is In The Journey.

In addition to this scene layout, I placed the main character in vintage clothing to evoke the feeling that this character has been traveling for a long time. The song that underlines the whole song, Grandpa’s Watch, By David Phillips, was also specifically chosen to evoke a sense of calm and nostalgia towards the production. Phillips use of gentle chimes and constant rhythm provide a driving force for the travel seen on screen, without being overly persistent or forceful.

Over all, though my original plans did not pan out, I am pleased that i could maintain the main core idea with mu limited resources and luck. I think that I actually prefer this shorter version, so perhaps this is simply a blessing in disguise.