P5 Final

Landon Coleman MUL 101

The title of my movie is called, “The Technological Error”. I was going for a PSA style video that showcases the addiction to cellphones. I think that it has an intensity that is captured well and shown thoroughly. People these days use technology heavily and it is almost essential to have a phone at this point. I wanted to basically test my workflow and see if I could do the work that I imagined. I wanted to use all the software that I had learned this year including Audition, Premiere Pro, and After Effects. I also wanted to use my camera to take the video since I had only used an iPhone to record before. Trying all these things required me to learn many things like how to videotape using a real camera, how to do certain edits in Premiere Pro, and how to create text animations in After Effects. This project proved to be a challenge and there was a learning curve for sure. Everything took longer than I planned and nothing went as I expected. My girlfriend was a huge help in this project and I want to thank her for being a great actor. As for the things that I enjoy about this project, I really loved the outcome once the music was added. I think the music is at a perfect audio level to carry the viewer through and bring a higher understanding of the characters’ emotions. I think I demonstrated how much life can revolve around something as small as a phone. My main goal is for even one person to have some extra motivation to get up and go outside and take a break from technology.

My video!