Final Project: Seasons

by Jeff Pagano


As it turns out my final project is a bit different than I’d originally envisioned. I’d started with the idea of watching YouTube tutorials to learn some extra cool transition effects, but I ran into a detour. I swerved, but still learned a lot by putting this together.

I’ve changed the name from “Transitions” to “Seasons” because I feel that would be more understandable to the viewer. It turns out I had some interesting video on my iPhone that I could use. And I know traffic isn’t a season, but it thought I could squeeze it between Spring and Summer and the segment turned out so cool and was so much fun to put together I couldn’t leave it out.

One final note: I’m big on sound design (or so I’ve recently learned) and I found my ambient sound effects were a distraction, so I muted that channel before exporting.