To start off, I’d like to say that for all its faults, I do genuinely enjoy the final project I have made, however, the amount of hurdles I had to jump over to get to this point was frankly ridiculous. Is it possible I made my own life harder? Absolutely. 

Let’s start with the absolute basics: I don’t have an animation program, or at least, one that I understand. With that in mind I had to draw the frames individually in a drawing program, which means that I had the option of making 30 individual files, or one big one that I could use onion skin mode on for convenience. I chose the latter, however, that made inking especially rough, and I didnt like how the frames were coming out. Instead, I inked on the same layer I sketched on. Even though you can see the sketches, I actually like that, I feel like it has more character overall so I don’t regret that decision. 

The audio I actually am quite proud of, despite my subpar voice acting. My best friend played the male knight in this, and I used Epidemic Sound for all of the sound effects. I ended up using a lot more sound effects in this one than I did in the actual audio project, and I think it ended up better for all the risks I took! I especially am proud of the part where the female knight unsheathes her sword and cuts down her fellow knight, that had 3 different sound effects in close succession with my friends groans for good measure. 

Editing it together gave me the most problems. I learned how to use Premiere Pro well enough, but I couldn’t export it as an MP4 until I downloaded a certain driver, which, I cannot stress this enough, I didn’t know how to do. I didn’t know if I had a similar driver I needed to delete first or even which one was the correct one I needed. It got so bad that I eventually had to cut my losses after 4 hours of troubleshooting, and had to re-edit it in an entirely different program. 

With all that said, I think it turned out well! I wanted to do something like this sort of loose ‘animation’, but did not have an excuse to try it. It turns out I really like it! It was fun, I just wish I had done something more experimental with the editing or visuals, but overall, I am very pleased with how this came out.

2 thoughts on “Final

  1. Baillie Robinson

    I like it alot! I think your guises voice acting was great and the dialog was really funny. The ending was really funniest. your drawings were also very nice! Even though you didn’t have an animation program I think it turned out fantastic. Probably something I would watch on youtube lol.

  2. Victoria Carrasco

    This was so cool I love the animation style! the voice overs were also very funny nice work.

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