The Museum

The Museum animations is a short story about an apple and an orange, with a participation of an unexpected Titan. I hope you enjoy it.

Note: It is a thriller.

The Museum

I have fun with this project, it was a therapy for me during this end of this ‘quarantine’ term.

My goal was to use stop motion techniques in a way that I do not rely on people to get my work done. But I end up mixing photos with video, which for me had a very interesting outcome.

I was looking for something fun but also with some suspense and mystery. I planned to eat the apple anyways, but it was just an idea, I realize my self creating the story while shooting. That was cool because I had my storyboard but while working I start adding things. So I can say that the story was created with the flow but started with the storyboard. I gather all my previous artwork to create my scenario and the two only fruits that I had left in my refrigerator.

I had two production days because I needed an extra shot, and it ended up being a smart choice, I got a cool idea which was the end. I had another day to put them together and another day to work with audio. Having those breaks for me was good because I felt that working with a fresh mind in each part of the process made me more creative and I did not feel overworking on it.

I used Premiere Pro for post-production and to record the voices of the characters. Instrumental music used in this animation is from the Incompetech website. Tools used: Camera, Tripod, desk lamp.

Last but not least, I want to say thank you to all of us that are trying our best to keep up with this quarantine term. I wish you all the best and hope to meet you in person in other classes. It was such a great experience looking and get inspired by the beautiful work among all of us.

Keep doing creative work,

Stay healthy and safe.

We made it!!

By Sara Baptista

3 thoughts on “The Museum

  1. Stacy Sellers

    Sara! Hahaha! This is awesome! Good job. I was entertained the whole way through. 🙂 I love the use of stop-action animation with fruit. I’m looking forward to hearing about how you accomplished this short film. Great choice in music too. Suspenseful and funny. 🙂

  2. Jimila

    I love your film, to use the fruits to make this so funny in some way. and it turns into a thrill. It is really good work. I also like the audio created for the video, they are so vivid. I bet you did have a lot of fu time to do this project. PS. the fruits forget to put the face mask on:) just joke.

  3. Carlos Padilla

    Sara this was great. Its looks simple but you can tell there was time put into this which makes it seem all that more seamless. Stop motion takes a lot of patience and is detail oriented so I congratulate you on that. I enjoyed it and look forward wish you luck on all your future projects.

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