A Rainy Day In Florence OR

By Kristen Chunn

For my final project I wanted to do a photo/video essay about some wonderful memories I have with my Nana in Florence OR. I spent a large chunk of my childhood visiting her there and going around town with my family. I love looking back at old family photos, and I found a bunch of photos of us from the years 2004-2008 and I wanted to make a video reminiscing on the memories I have. My Nana was such an amazing woman, mom, leader, and grandma. She’s basically Wonder Women with all the amazing accomplishments she had in her life. My Nana was one of my favorite people in the world, and when she passed back in 2018, it was difficult for the whole family. She left behind a wonderful life and legacy and for this project I wanted to shine some light on it and have a remembrance video for her. 

I decided to make the video have a retro-90’s style and feel simply because I love the way it looks. The 90’s was such a good time, even though I wasn’t even alive to experience it. I found it so much fun to learn how to do these effects in Premiere Pro since it is something I didn’t know how to do prior to this assignment. I wanted to challenge myself with this assignment and I think I did a pretty good job in doing so. Although filmmaking is something “easy” (because it can and can’t be) for me, trying to film in a car, that’s going fast, through the hills wasn’t. I was struggling to stabilize my phone to make sure I didn’t get bumpy and blurry images but I think I managed to do so. Learning something new in Premiere was an experience for sure because it can be really difficult. I am really happy from the way that the editing and video overall turned out! It’s something new and special that I was able to do to honor my Nana’s passing.

2 thoughts on “A Rainy Day In Florence OR

  1. Stacy Sellers

    Kristen, good job on your project! I love your use of photos within the scenes. Good job on the editing and choice of music. I like the introduction where you use the old camera settings and rewind function. Very creative! And I’m actually from Merced. I grew up there! Small world, eh?

    1. Kristen Chunn

      Thats so crazy!! My whole family is from merced!! You might even know or know of some of them!!

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