Final Project – COVID-19 Viurs in Kids’ Eyes

I was inspired by my son to have the idea to do this video. by his question on the virus to me, I was wondering what kids think of the Corona Virus Crisis.

In early March, with the outbreak of Coronavirus in the U.S. I still went to my work, one morning, my son came to me when I was about to leave for work, he begged me not to go to work and he said there was a virus outside. I was so touched and this is the first time I noticed that this could be an issue to understand for 4 years old. I thought he might just find an excuse to keep me at home, but, his action on the second morning made me think of his request seriously as he was serious, he asked me if I was still going to work immediately when he woke up.

To face such a pressure of being quarantined for months, it is hard for many adults. Those kids have been cut away from their little mates, parks, and outdoor activities for months. What do they know and how much do they know and how are they dealing with the issues? What we can give them is more attention and love to help them come over and be stronger as they seem to be facing more challenging and uncertain worlds in the future.

I really like the procedure to produce the video, I feel grateful to have been accepted by kids’ parents and was able to approach their kids on camera. I love kids’ reasons on camera over the topic, they are authentic and pure. I feel humble to talk to them. I think, to understand how we understand the world has a large determination on how the people around us understand and interpret the world when we are small. They are the future of our world, we should be very careful about what we do and how we demonstrate the right ways and attitude to respond to them. 


3 thoughts on “Final Project – COVID-19 Viurs in Kids’ Eyes

  1. Sara Baptista

    I love it!!! It is always interesting to listening to children’s points of view. Great work Jimila! It looks that you made the children comfortable enough to express their feelings. Good framing camera for interviews.

  2. Stacy Sellers

    Well done, Jimila. That was a nice way to document how kids are feeling these days. They seemed to cooperate really well too! 🙂 I think you did a good job in editing and the pacing feels really natural. Good job!

  3. Baillie Robinson

    This was really good. All there responses were so good haha. and it was really nice to hear the kids points of view. great video!

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