Final Project

DISCLAIMER: All parties shown in this video are above 21. This video was shot in Eugene, Oregon where the use of marijuana is legal in a private residence.

For the final project, I knew I really wanted to make a music video. I’ve had a passion for creating video and photo content from a young age. Recently when I’ve started thinking about what I’d like to do with my future, video and photo work for musical acts is what I’ve landed on. Since a music video was even one of the suggested options, I thought this would be a great time to start getting some real experience under my belt. Luckily I live with a few different guys who are pretty established in Oregon with rap music. However, this project showed me that even when you see someone everyday locking down a time to actually shoot can be quite difficult. That combined with trying to find the most PC song of theirs that they wanted to make content for made the shooting process of this harder than expected. This video ended up being shot on a random night when Vincent’s friend was in town for the night. I had originally wanted to combine VHS and digitally shot video. I managed to include a little bit of digital video but for the most part I couldn’t make it cohesively flow like I’d seen done in big-budget videos. Beyond that, this was my first time shooting with a VHS-C camera and using FinalCut Pro. Both came with their own frustrations and learning curves. Though, after a few stressful hours of troubleshooting, I can say I’m so happy to have those skills under my belt. I’m really happy this project gave me the push to learn how to edit in FinalCut Pro. I’ve been using iMovie for years and didn’t realize how much I was limiting myself in terms of what I could create with videos. I’m really looking forward to using the program on my own time and honing my skills.