The Oregon Coast Sp20 P4.

Hey Everyone welcome this is something I put together for my Multimedia class! I just wanted to do something broad and easy an advertisement on the Oregon Coast. It was really a fun experience to dig into some audio editing, and adjusting sound effects. I think this was a good topic because not only are we stuck in self isolation I thought it would be a great touch to add some waves crashing along the shoreline to get a feel on how things still are out there In the real work. It’s hard to get through social distancing alone and hopeful this can give you a boost, our beaches remain safe and I know we all can’r wait to head for the shores. Take in the fresh air and let the ocean waves take you away.

Music: Dream Track By McKenna Crossley

Voices of true Oregonians: McKenna Crossley(Surfer Chick)

Melinda Green( Beach Local)