A story of a child who is going through a very delicate situation, that is the loss of her grandfather, the person that she has a really strong connection with. In the end, we have proof that her grandfather's story was somehow true.

My main goal in this project is to try to go a bit further with my editing. I was exploring the depth of field by applying some ambient effects and also a bit of reverb and echo effects on pos-production. I was also trying to transmit the emotions through the melancholic background in a way that gave the audience enough context to understand what is going on. 

I was playing with the audio in a way to transmit a different perspective such as the audience and the character perspective, creating an effect that shifts the listener from the outside view into the child’s head, going through his thoughts.

I want to make my audience feel some kind of emotion and follow my story without a heavy narration. Mentioning about emotions, I used field record sounds from my personal sound library, that I had been collecting in my audio production class the last term, in that class, we have the opportunity to check out professionals’ gear for field records. Audio Production class (AUD120) is a very interesting class that approaches audio in a fun way with great projects that will enrich your portfolio according to your career path. The class has a super talented and creative instructor to make the experience more pleasing. 

The software that I end up using is adobe premiere (creative cloud is free right now for students until June due to the pandemic. Check it out ;)). It gave me some flexibility to explore different effects available on it.

Thank you for stopping by. 

By Sara Baptista

4 thoughts on “Grandpa…

  1. Traci Crimmins

    Well done! I like that you went with a sad story since I was expecting these to all be upbeat. You did a great job setting the stage of the story with the leading music and crying. I felt pulled in and responsive emotionally and I think that was because the pacing of the story gave me time to connect and sit with what it was making me feel.

  2. Baillie Robinson

    The sound was really crazy. It was really sad, but also i feel like got really scary. I like how you made noises sound like they were outside, inside, or tunneled. It was really cool! it felt psychological.

  3. Carlos Padilla

    I think you nailed it!! They way you described wanting to have your listener feel was absolutely what I experienced while listening. Very cool use of echos and reverb.

  4. Aubrey Crossley

    Amazing sound Sara shows true dedication! the piano sound was beautiful this was awesome can’t wait for your final project!

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