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For this audio project, I wanted to do something that would be engaging and kind of silly. I kept finding myself thinking of the project as a film which wasn’t working out for the style I was going for. I ended up wanting to lean towards more of a podcast or reality tv show. But then it ended up being an emotional commercial that you would see for medication. The main Idea for the final result is: Rebecca’s 7 step roade to true happiness is getting featured on a late night/ news reality tv show and they play her commercial about a woman who was emotionally unstable. The commercial is definitely one that you would see advertising medication where it has that corny yet emotional documentary touch. This 7 step program really does change lives. 

For the audio in effects and music, I had to resist not just throwing in sound effects for emotions of the characters. That is something I would have totally done if it were film. So I ended up leaning towards the emotions of the listener and using that as a way to make what Rebecca was talking about more upbeat and engaging. Even though what she was saying was kinda nonsense. Then also to have the funny contrast of the emotional story about the mom and then back to Rebecca being like “ Yeaaaah that was me dudes!”. 

It was a very fun project, it reminded  me of how much I actually enjoy editing. 

here is the link:

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  1. Stacy Sellers

    Great job, Baillie! I really enjoyed your story. Good job with the music and sound effects too. I enjoyed listening.

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