Carlos’ unfortunate safari trip

I thought it would be a fun idea going on some kind of tour around my house and speaking like a tour guide. But then the idea evolved to actually being a tour guide in some kind of zoo since that would allow me to use more sound effects throughout. I feel like everyone during this quarantine has watched the netflix series Tiger King, so I decided to pull some inspiration from that. At the end of my tour guide I added the surprise where a kid falls out of the tour bus and falls into the bear cages.

I had several bumps along the road from not being able to get audacity to work properly, not being able to record and having to record on my iphone and having trouble converting the files to be compatible with the audacity software. So that became frustrating but once I was finally able to edit and get going I feel like it was a good project.

4 thoughts on “Carlos’ unfortunate safari trip

  1. Sara Baptista

    Wow!! Very cool effects.
    I was hearing it on my headphones and the feeling of it is amazing, well done! I am glad to see that you overcame all the issues and that your final project ended up very good. Your voice record is very neat. The end was surprising for me, I kinda got scared. Hahaha, amazing!

  2. Alexander Abele

    I love that you went Tiger King on us. Its creative and hilarious that the safari went all wrong. Not sure who narrated it (tour guide), but I like their voice.

  3. jmila

    great piece as I feel I was on the tour! and it makes me laugh as well. your voice is very preferrable, feel so reliable in such a dangerous tour.

  4. Gyllian Mullins

    Sorry this is late. But I love the use of sound effects throughout all of this!

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