The Gnat and the Bull


I love fables, so recording a fable was the obvious choice for me. I wanted to convey a slower, more peaceful listening experience so I chose to create background music with a slower beat. I used a sampler to create the soundscape and then added in the fly buzzing as well as the transition during the Bull’s stinging reply. I also dropped the tuning down because it’s kind of a depressing fable. My voice sounded unpleasant, so I dropped and corrected the pitch so that it’s a bit smoother to hear. I think that it works very nicely for the Bull’s response. I’ve made music before and have experience with editing, so it was a pretty smooth process. The only rough spot was when I got stuck recording my voice over and over again, so I finally decided to go another route. Overall, I think that it turned out pretty suited for the story. After creating this, it seems like it would be fun to edit audio for a podcast or for storytellers. I hadn’t done much editing of spoken word and it was a pleasant change of pace. 

One thought on “The Gnat and the Bull

  1. Stacy Sellers

    Nice project, Traci. Nice choice of music. Good job with the sound effects. I enjoyed the story. Thanks!

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