Coren’s Song

This song was spawned from a Dungeons and Dragon’s campaign that I play in; my character is a Hobbit Bard (a singer/storyteller) who turns their adventures with their party into epic ballads! The joke of course was to use the tune of “Toss a Coin to Your Witcher”. With this assignment my goal was to bring – through sound – an outsider into the story and introduce the listener to Coren through a little snippet.

Storytelling is a large part of my life and I use sound as a tool frequently. Whenever I run a tabletop game the first thing I do is build a playlist comprised of music, to keep things interesting, sound effects, to inform the players of what is happening around them, and any ambiance that the background might need. This audio project was constructed using, mostly, the same principles. I knew I wanted a campfire and footsteps/foley to bring in the environment. Then the music and vocals stacked on top.

Though I feel this project went fairly well, I am newer to using these types of audio programs, and detailed technology in general, so this has been a bit of a learning curve for me. Let’s just say that I had a tutorial open next to me the whole time. Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Coren’s Song

  1. jimila

    thanks for your audio as I really enjoy your signing and your story-telling style in the audio. a beautiful song as it was peaceful and strong as well. It would be perfect if you have your song’s word typed here.

  2. Stacy Sellers

    That was fun! Good job! I enjoyed the story. Great choice of music and sound effects. You’ve got a nice voice. I’m glad you played with accents, character voices and singing. Good job!

  3. Sara Baptista

    Super cool! Very creative of you bringing a song! I completely felt in that environment. The character sings very well. *.*

  4. staskupritch

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