D&D Audio

Thought I’d do something fun for this project. So I wanted to make this goofy and fun fake advertisement for Dungeons and Dragons. What Inspired me to do this project is my D&D party. Ever since Covid-19 hit and we were all starting to go into quarantine, I started to get anxious. But one of my friends invited me to play a campaign with a bunch of his friends, and right from the beginning I had a blast. My D&D party has helped me through this pandemic and has giving me inspiration to embrace my creativity. So this Audio is dedicated to you guys!

Also for my audio project I wanted to express the fun and humor in D&D, the fun of goofing around with your group and messing around with your DM by making your character do ridiculous things in the game. And I hope that is a pretty clear message in the audio. It was was hard to find sound effects that satisfied me, so a few sounds in the audio are a mix between two or more sounds combined together, like the magic spell, sword fight, and the Manticore noise at the very end, which is a combination of a Lion roar and the crackling of fire to resemble it breathing fire at the player. Also want to thank my sister’s fiance for voicing a few lines for the stereotypical D&D nerd.

Overall I had a fun time doing this project and I hope I can make some of you smile with this audio. I can’t wait to see everyone else’s creations. I hope you all are having a good day, and I’ll see you around. -Gyllian Mullins

4 thoughts on “D&D Audio

  1. Baillie

    LOOOOOL. This is great. DND does create everlasting memories. I will never forget my first session when my party member was slain by a tree branch after attempting to attack it with viscous mockery.

  2. Jimila

    This makes me laugh, it sound so much fun. I really like your creation on this audio. I like it all. thanks.

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