MUL Audio project

Although I had some difficulty to record my voice on Audacity somehow it does not record, I was able to record from my iPhone and imported the sound for editing on Audacity. I enjoy the process of looking for the sound effects and identifying the right feeling sounds matching the content. It is a journey to explore Tibetan culture for me as well.

The content that I reading in the Audio is from a child book, Pola’s Flower, one of my son’s books. I am so glad to do the project to convert something from the book into audio. I would be so proud to share it with my son later when he starts school next year.

Pola’s Flower is a true story based on a Tibetan girl and her family. Since the Chinese occupation of Tibet, ten of thousands of Tibetan Children have fled their homeland. Many of them without their parents. These youth risk imprisonment, injury, and death in a perilous journey across the Himalayas in search of cultural, religious, and educational freedom. My husband was one of them who tried to cross the Himalayas on his foot ended with being torched and jailed for months. My son is born in the United States, free land of religion, being apart from our motherland, but we will let him remember what Tibetan culture is and what Tibetan history is through reading him books and learning the language.

Tibet is one of the most beautiful places where I have been and Tibetans are some of the kindest people whom I have known in the world. they practice compassion into their daily life, even without bad thoughts towards their enemies who were taking their country. They have living proof that the goodness in their hearts is the most important thing, which we will pass on to our son.

I really like this book as it is a way to tell the culture and life in Tibet, as well as its history. This book is written by Diana Lynn Nadeau, who has had ten years of intensive training in Tibetan Buddhism. She is also a Certified Mediator. The illustrator of this book, Lobsang Gyatso, who is a very good friend of mine and my husband’s hometown mate. He is a local artist making very unique art pieces made of clay and he sales them at the Eugene Saturday Market.

Background music is from Tibetan Buddhism script of Maha Karuna Dharani.

3 thoughts on “MUL Audio project

  1. Sara Baptista

    I had a very calm and relaxing feeling while listening to it. You have a sweet voice Jimila, and you did a good job on your voice recorder, it is very clean. I was very engaging with your story that I visualized all the scenes and actions on my mind only with your audio, I believe it was because your sound effects were well applied. Very interesting story, I did not know that Tibet loss the status as a country.

    1. Jimila

      Thanks Sara for your feedback and your encouraging message. Actually, I had a lot of doubts on my voice and my reading since I am not a native speaker. I just want to pass the more massage of tibetan culture by the music and sound beside the content of the story itself. I am happy you it brings you a good feeling.

  2. Gyllian Mullins

    This audio gave me so much serotonin. I loved hearing this because I felt so calm and relaxed while I was listening to it!

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