Audio Project

For this project we were required to pick a story, create an ad, etc. and record and edit audio in Audacity. I chose to work with one of Aesop’s fables titled “Belling the Cat”. Going into this project I had ideas of thematic readings I’d been required to listen to in school, ones where there was clear audio and fun background sounds to complete the story being told. I was hoping to replicate this and have a final project that sounded similar to an assigned audio reading.

 In my time at Portland State University I took an entry-level audio engineering class. A class in which we had a few projects where audacity was required. Because of this I, foolishly, figured I’d have a super easy time and procrastinated the project. Much to my surprise when I began my workday I found that I had retained practically nothing from my past time spent working with audacity. Luckily as I got farther along a few tricks came back to me, but for the bulk of editing and exporting I had to rely on google searches. My main snag was getting my audio recording into Audacity. Since I’d recorded it in voice memos on my I had to look up how to convert simple audio files into a .wav format. Then I began sourcing sound bytes that I wanted to use to compliment my voice recording. All in all, I’m happy with my finished result, though I’m not sure the end project is what I had in mind at the beginning.

Listen Below

2 thoughts on “Audio Project

  1. Traci Crimmins

    Nice work! I liked the balance of the levels of different audio and your pacing for the story was on point. I really enjoyed listening to this!

  2. Sara Baptista

    “…about the cat?” hahaha I love it.
    The silent moment was very effective in the end.
    Good sound effect making us more engaged.

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